How to hire a wedding photographer, by The Knot

I took this off of the Knot’s site.  I think a lot of the information is good advice.  I have no idea what wedding photographer would show up in sweats and sneaks, but here is some advice to make sure that doesn’t happen.  If you really want to make sure that doesn’t happen, and get great pictures too – hire us! 🙂  I put a few notes about us after each section just in case you were j/c!

How To Hire A Wedding Photographer

Experience Level

Ask yourself, has this person photographed other weddings? Does he/she do this for a living or for fun? Photographers come and go daily, and a new photographer may be pretty good, but do you want to trust your once in a lifetime event to a newcomer?

EWP-We have been photographing for about eight years now.  Sarah got her technical training in college and in the Air Force.  She has been defining her style as a wedding photographer in Panama City for five years.

Photographic Style

Are the sample images that you are shown similar to what you would like to see? More importantly, can you picture yourself photographed the same way? Does the photographer offer a satisfactory mix in different styles?

EWP- We try to mix up the styles during the wedding, but that mostly depends on you, the couple.  What is your style like, what have we talked about that you show interest in?  These are things we care about.

Truth in Advertising

Is this the photographer that will be photographing your wedding, or will they send in whom ever is available? Be certain that you know which photographer is going to be there and see their work and meet with them.

EWP- With us, who you meet is who you get!


It is important that the photographer you choose is someone you feel you can get along with. This is a person that you are going to spend most of the day with – the most important day. So be sure that you are comfortable with them being around.

EWP- We couldn’t agree more!


Ask the photographer how they intend to dress. After all, the last thing that you want is a conflict at the wedding about the photographer wearing a sweatshirt and jeans with sneakers at your favorite country club.

EWP- We would sooner die.  LOL.  Well, maybe not die, but you get the picture.  We dress appropriatley, if you want costumes, we got ’em!

Price Range

The last thing you want to do is shop by price, but you will also want someone who fits in with your budget. If they don’t fit in with your budget, then you must ask if he or she is worth the difference? If you see and like them, you’ll find a way to adjust your budget.

EWP- Very true, and we are flexible towards your needs.  Just shoot us an email @ and we are on it!


Some photographers take months to deliver your proofs. Be sure of how long things take to turn around.

EWP – 30 days! Straight forward – and in the contract.


Make sure you understand exactly what is or isn’t included in the packages on offer. Sometimes the packages are fixed, sometimes they can be customized, and if they can be customized, find out how much extra cost will be involved.

EWP – Customization is key here with us.


Do you understand the contract? Is it fair and is everything spelled out clearly? It is extremely important that you make sure that you have no doubts before signing, and that you understand everything in the contract.

EWP – Agreed!  This is a very important part.  Always pay attention to the contract.

Deposits and Payments

What does the contract say about cancellations and the photographer not being there? When are deposits required to be paid and what % of the total amount needs to be paid.

EWP – Another important thing to discuss, make sure you are covered.


A personal reference is always the best and people love to talk. Get a list of references from the photographer and check them out personally. A photographer who doesn’t have references or is afraid to give them to you may not be the person that you will want to hire.

EWP – References are great!  We have very satisfied couples who would like to share with you!

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