One of my new favs.

I got to shoot my squadron commander, family and kids last month – and here is my favorite photo of the bunch!


Mendia and Ryan – So cute!

I can’t think of anything better than when I get to photograph friends weddings.  That is one of the reasons why I love to get to know my clients so well before the Big Day – so it really looks like the photographer was someone who cared a ton about everything that was going on.  That is something you just can’t fake.  I admit it – I have tried in the past.  But, now I go all in with my whole heart, and you can see mega improvement in my work.  Mendia and Ryan are good friends of mine and I was so happy to shoot their wedding – and I was especially stoked when I heard that there was a boat ride involved!  Here is a shot that I captured right before we docked at their reception destination.  Such a cute moment!




Sky and Steph…One I didn’t add to the Website…

Here is a photo that I love from Sky and Steph’s wedding, that I didn’t add to the website.  I think this one is just so much fun, mostly because I know the story behind it.  See – they all picked the bridesmaid in the middle – and she is standing still as stone as it hurls toward her.  The other women, just have shocked – “not me” faces, as one smacks her head in disbelief.  Still there is one hopeful, with her hand up, ready to catch a stray bouquet.

There is no missing the fate that is coming straight for you.

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Judy and Troy – Beautifully Simple

Introducing Judy and Troy!  They had a great wedding full of love … I hope I did it justice with my camera and photos.  Probably not – but, here is my documentation of it.  Love represented for each other and God, it was a beautiful sight!  Enjoy.


Lisa and Brandon – Gangsta!

Here are my friends Lisa and Brandon – and their engagement shoot.  I am so excited for their wedding because it is in Georgia – under a beautiful Oak Tree in a back yard.  Classic.  I can’t wait.

Here are the photos!



Joy’s Kids!

Yep, sometimes I do other kinds of photography – especially fun beach protrait sessions.  I just love fun photography romps on the beach.  Enjoy the below photos from a session with Joy’s Kids!


Jeremy and Jasmine


Stephanie and Sky


Brooke and Tony – Panama City Wedding at Tyndall Air Force Base


This wedding was just absolutley gorgeous!  Right on the bay at Tyndall Air Force Base, Brooke and Tony had a gorgeous wedding.

Check out all of their photos, including the awesome pink theme at http://englishweddingphoto.com.



Panmama City Wedding Photographer

A southern wedding in Georgia

jjblogCheck out more wedding photos at http://englishweddingphoto.com.



Panama City Wedding Photographer

Art and Shana’s Wedding


This is Shana, she was a gorgeous bride.  I took these photos a while back, in fact this is one of the first weddings that I got to do out of town in Destin, FL.  I had so much fun and her wedding was so beautiful it was easy to take great photos!  You should check the rest of the out at englishweddingphoto.com!



Welcome to our New Blog!

Finally, I figured out how I want to do our English Wedding Photo Blog!  Thanks for checking it out!  Look at all of our posts and comment on anything you like.  If you need a wedding photographer, check out http://englishweddingphoto.com.



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